Transformational Programmes for Women


“I feel better about myself and we eat better as a family so everyone's health is improving.”  ~Nicky H
“When I was feeling low Carol was a driving force keeping me going”  ~Nikki E, London

“I loved that I didn't have to dive into a new food plan right away but was encouraged to take the time to really understand my relationship with food.”  ~Vicky S
“Friends, family and work colleagues have commented on my weight loss already”  ~Nicky E
“I’ve tried all the main weight loss programmes out there and wasted so much money in the past. I felt guilty spending more money on another, but I found something very different with the Vitality Programme.
Now I really understand that there is so much more involved in successful weight loss than just food and exercise. For the first time I finally feel in control of what I eat. ”  ~Emma A
“It encouraged me to look at things in a way I never have before.”  ~Vicky S
“I'm much more conscious of what I eat, I've stopped binging already!”  ~Julie H
“I feel empowered to make my own choices when I go out with friends and not just eat what they're eating”  ~Suzanna T, Southend
“I lost 18lbs and reached my ideal healthy weight while I focused on creating a healthier lifestyle! ”  ~Eileen H
“(The Vitality Programme) is the best programme I've seen - far more than just weight loss - it's a brilliant way to help people think differently about their health. I can't wait to offer it to my clients.”  ~Kim Kalina, Health Practitioner
“I lost 40lbs just by becoming more aware of how I was using food”  ~Alex H
“I think it's fantastic it encourages me to look at things in a way I never have before”  ~Vicki S, Southend

“I suffered terrible headaches for a long time. Now my headaches have completely stopped.”  ~Julie H
“My main problem was serious brain fog, I would start a sentence and forget what I was saying. Not good for a teacher! I also had lots of bloating and discomfort, especially after eating. All that has gone. I can think clearly again and my memory is back!”  ~Marnie J
“I’m feeling really good – for the first time ever my blood sugar is stable. My clothes are getting looser and I’m getting fitter. My son just got married and I wore a fitted dress - everyone said I looked amazing and I felt it!”  ~Hilary B
“It's not like other diets where I felt guilty.”  ~Sacha T
“It really has changed my life, my eating habits, my health and energy and appearance – all for the better! Best of all, I am no longer a victim of those old cravings for sweets and snacks!”  ~Jacki B
“Been really interesting to look at what to INCLUDE rather than focus on what to EXCLUDE - so it's very different to to previous diets I've done.”  ~Peggy M
“(The Vitality Programme) is exactly what I have been wanting to recommend to my patients. Diets don't work. Careful changes in eating and lifestyle only work if they are fully supported. This programme encourages women to explore the terrain for themselves - with some fun tools and lots of support. It is brilliantly holistic and includes all the basic building blocks of healthy living - not just what we put into our mouths.”  ~Miranda Castro FSHom, CCH, RSHom(NA), Practitioner and best selling author
“As the weeks passed I found I had not only lost weight and inches from my waist and stomach but more importantly I was sleeping better, I had more energy and I have not been ill since I started the programme.
I cannot recommend this programme highly enough – I know that it has brought me a healthier life and a healthier outlook on life. Friends have commented that I have an inner glow and look great. How can you put a price on that?”  ~Fiona M
“Becoming aware of how much I used food to manage my anxiety was really helpful”  ~Kirsty H, Swansea

“The Vitality Programme gives you permission to let go of the past and start afresh and the support is non-judgemental and motivating. I was happy to get a call because it held me accountable.”  ~Sacha T
“I love the congratulation emails, I was shouting at my screen Yes I have! Yes I have!”  ~Nicky H
“The support was non-judgemental and motivating, I was happy to get a call because it made me accountable”  ~Sacha T, Southend
“Cholesterol down. Triglycerides down. My doctor said, whatever you are doing, keep it up! ”  ~Julie H
“It's really working for me, the strategies for dealing with stress have helped immensely. It's working for me on all levels.”  ~Peggy M
“It's really working for me, the strategies for dealing with stress have helped me immensely”  ~Peg M, MI

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