Transformational Programmes for Women


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Group Coaching

We work with small groups of like-minded business and professional women who understand that in order to perform well at work without sacrificing their family life, they need to be performing at their highest level, and that in order to do that they need to start from the ground up. A healthy body, a healthy mind and healthy emotions allows you to flourish at work and at home, and most importantly, still have time for you.

How it works

We facilitate small groups of women who brainstorm new possibilities, develop strategies and ways of being that ensure they bring their best self to their life. We set up an accountability structure that keeps them focused and on track.

You’ll be part of a community of supportive women who know it can be lonely as a woman in the world of work. That there’s a difference between being busy and being productive and in a safe space you’ll support each other taking the group to new heights.
You’ll gain incredible insights that you can use to improve your business, your health and your personal life.

Benefit from the experience of being in a small group of women who really understand your challenges.
Brainstorm answers, ideas and strategies.
Feel confident that your decisions and actions will make sure you reach your goals.
Get accountability so you can make real progress at work and at home.
Be part of an instant support network.
Set and reach goals that will transform your life and your business.

We meet together online once a month to discuss your biggest challenges and the best strategies to overcome them, and put in place a healthy lifestyle that supports you and your wildest dreams – both for your personal life and for your business.

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