Transformational Programmes for Women

Hilary’s Story

I was first attracted to the VP programme because I knew my whole body was out of balance, and on a downward spiral.

I would wake up most mornings feeling positive that today would be a good day, eat a healthy breakfast (but I realise now, not the right foods to sustain me through to lunch), and by early afternoon the sugar rush would creep in and that was the end of my healthy, positive day. The cravings overtook me most days. I could see what was happening but was helpless to do anything about it, the sugar cravings simple took over. Tiredness, depression, irritability and my self worth/esteem were kicking in big time as well as my weight. A stone had crept on over a couple of years and I wanted to get back to liking and feeling myself again.

Hilary's Story

It wasn’t all about food.

I was going through change and transition in my life on all levels and food became my comfort (an old habit). I can honestly say that joining the VP has changed my life. Over the last 3-4 months my life has turned around. With the guidance and advice from the team I first noticed my blood sugar levels beginning to stabilise reducing the cravings hugely, and, incredibly I didn’t even find this difficult, it just needed a few tweaks with eating the right foods so the levels never got to spike. I began to feel back in control, in fact more in control of my life than I can ever remember. Then other habits changed; my intake of water increased and I started to move more. Both of these resulted in an increase in energy levels – and as this happened I found I wanted to move more, and I actually got thirsty (a first for me). My zest for life had returned and my mental clarity and focus gone up dramatically.

With some of the exercises we were asked to do I realised very early on that it wasn’t all about food, it was how I react to things emotionally too, how I live my life, how I feel in myself. At first I didn’t lose much weight but I did lose inches and being back in control of my life made the weight seem unimportant. By now the priority was to continue the stability and to know I could trust myself – this was my way of life, and it was here to stay. As my confidence in myself improved there was a ‘knowing’ that the weight would also start to drop off.

The Vitality Team have been amazing, supporting me every step of the way.

Full of brilliant information, help, advice and support – and such fantastic value for money. So many of their tips are now firmly rooted in my life. The process is ongoing – there are more habits and changes I want to make in my life and as I move forward into 2016 I am looking forward to working with these challenges.

Thank you so much.

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