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Jacki’s Story

Jacki's Story
Jacki’s Story

Without doubt, the Vitality Programme is the best “diet” I’ve seen, precisely because it is NOT a “diet.”

It is about health and nutrition and developing good eating and living habits. The goal is to “reset our metabolism,” to enable the body to all the good and amazing things it is supposed to do. Weight loss happens, but as a by-product of the positive changes we make.

What I especially loved best about the program are two “C’s” – calibration and coaching. It is carefully calibrated to take us, one step at a time, through the journey from our entry point of “addictions” –to caffeinated drinks, sweets, snacks, fatty foods and too much food in general, etc. – to the point of being free from those addictions, feeling like I am in control of what I eat, rather than having those cravings be in control of me. I didn’t have to plunge in to a whole new regime all at once. Rather, I could take little steps, one at a time, which made the life change much more manageable as well as actually successful.

The coaching is a huge part of the program – weekly group coaching calls and regular calls with an accountability partner.

The conversations were supportive and helpful. When I got stuck, someone was there to help. The coaching is built on success, celebrating “wins” – sometimes tiny little changes, other times major breakthroughs – and offering tangible tools for tackling those stubborn habits.

I can’t say enough good things about the Programme.

It really has changed my life, my eating habits, my health and energy and appearance – all for the better! Best of all, I am no longer a victim of those old cravings for sweets and snacks!

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