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Marnie’s Story

Marnie's Story


My main problem was serious brain fog, I would start a sentence and forget what I was saying.

Not good for a teacher! I also had lots of bloating and discomfort, especially after eating. All that has gone. I can think clearly again and my memory is back!

It’s an amazing programme.

It has transformed what I eat and how I look at food – I’ve been able to make changes I’ve never been able to make in the past. I feel more confident about my health and this spills into other areas of my life.

The support was excellent – I knew you were right there if had questions or needed extra motivation.

I loved the recipe book, I loved the team, I especially loved the no judgment, shame or guilt. That was brilliant for me.

The 1:1 with Carol was exceptional and made a huge difference to my experience.

The price was a surprise when I first heard it but the value I got was amazing and well worth the cost.

Marnie J, Hastings UK

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