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The Vitality Programme

100 Days To The New You!

The Vitality Programme is a brand new and totally unique approach to weight loss designed for women over 40 who know their bodies behave differently now and require special attention to get back in shape. Women who already know that diets don’t work and are ready to invest in their future so that they can be happy and free from the burden of excess weight forever.

In just 100 days you will create a healthy new lifestyle that will sustain you forever whilst:

Are you ready to give up dieting forever and feel sexy again?

What you get:

Discover The Healthy Way To Lose Those Stubborn Pounds… Forever and Never Diet Again!

You’ve done the diets, you bought the shakes and protein bars, you joined the gym (you hate the gym, but still, you joined).

You counted every last calorie and tracked your portions.

You did everything you’re supposed to do.

But it didn’t get you what you wanted. You’ve been trying to lose weight for years. And it still hasn’t happened.

And more than that, your health has suffered. You’re exhausted all the time and you can’t focus. You’re not sleeping well. You’re feeling irritable, frustrated and depressed.

What you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. Because diets don’t work. You need something that does work. Something that works WITH you and your body instead of AGAINST it.

Something that leaves you feeling amazing. Full of energy, sleeping well, calm, focused and looking great. You need your Vitality back.

But the hardest part is getting started.

You could waste years trying different things and get nowhere for your trouble.

You probably already have.

That’s why we took our combined passion for creating health and Carol’s 30 years of experience in health and wellness, and put it together into a 100 day structured programme that makes sure you create the healthy, vibrant life you want.

No guesswork. No figuring out what you have to do.

Just crystal clear guidance on how to lose weight (without relying on willpower) and most importantly KEEP IT OFF.

And the support you need to finally succeed.

– – – –

”The support was non-judgemental and motivating, I was happy to get a call because it made me accountable”Sacha T, Southend

– – – –

In our experience, people struggle to lose weight for three main reasons:

1. They Believe That Weight Loss Depends on Willpower

It’s not true. It isn’t about “trying hard enough.” If desire and effort were all it took to lose weight, you would have lost it years ago! Are we right?

Most diets go completely against how our bodies were designed to function.

The idea that you can rely on willpower is ridiculous.

It’s not your fault you haven’t lost the weight. 
The system has been stacked against you!

You’re not losing weight because no one’s taught you how, in a way that works with your body’s natural processes instead of against them.

– – – –

”Becoming aware of how much I used food to manage my anxiety was really helpful”
Kirsty H, Swansea

– – – –

2. Stress and Exhaustion.

This is a big one. When you’re tired and overworked it’s natural to reach for comfort foods. And that’s part of the problem.
More than 95% of diets fail because they focus on what food you’re not allowed to eat, and ignore critical factors like how you feel, how much sleep you get and your stress levels. To lose weight for good, you MUST look at your lifestyle or you can never win.

Our system specifically shows you how to make new lifestyle choices AND gives you the support you need so you can thrive in your new life.
 For the rest of your life.

– – – –

”It’s really working for me, the strategies for dealing with stress have helped me immensely” Peg M, MI

– – – –

3. Too Much Food, Not Enough Nutrition.

We live in a world where many of us can expect regular and easy access to food. The problem is that most of that food is high in calories and low in nutrition.

So you eat but are never satisfied. You become addicted to sugar and salt, fill up on junk food and STILL crave more!

This kind of eating disrupts your metabolism and unless you reset that metabolism, it’s impossible for you to lose weight.

Some weight loss programmes sell you diet shakes and meals, that are filled with artificial ingredients and expensive.

And the moment you stop buying them, what then?

Our system focuses on real foods that are both nutritious and delicious, foods that keep you healthy and satisfied.
And you lose weight automatically.

– – – –

”I feel empowered to make my own choices when I go out with friends and not just eat what they’re eating” Suzanne T, Southend

– – – –

It’s not enough to do so called “healthy things” and hit the gym.
You need a system that supports you and helps you lose weight effortlessly, without deprivation and certainly without shame or judgment.

– – – –

”When I was feeling low Carol was a driving force keeping me going”
Nikki E, London

– – – –

Our 100 day holistic Vitality Programme is carefully designed to change how you feel about food and your body, and to show you how you can best nurture it every day. 

And that means No More Dieting… EVER.

We designed the Vitality Programme so you can take back control of your life. You’ll feel better than you’ve felt in years. Maybe ever.

With more energy, a clearer mind, less stress and calmer moods.
 You’ll get your health back on track and prevent the diseases of aging.

You’ll be wearing the clothes you want to wear
You’ll look in the mirror and love what you see. All backed by our 30 day “feel great or get your money back” 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Find out how the Vitality Programme can work for you today.

– – – –

”I think it’s fantastic it encourages me to look at things in a way I never have before”
Vicki S, Southend

– – – –

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